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Marble Surface

I'm Caroline and I'm the owner, designer and creator at Beau Bella Jewellery.


I started creating jewellery as a hobby around 10 years ago. Initially self taught, I've since completed numerous courses and am continually developing and expanding my skills.


I enjoy creating unique jewellery which I feel stands out from the often mass produced jewellery found on the high street. Many of my pieces are one off items or limited editions.


My specialist areas are beadwork, silversmithing and wirewrapping. 

Caroline owner photo
hand making jewellery with beads
hand making jewellery with glass beads

My beadwork pieces are all meticulously hand stitched with a needle and thread using tiny Japanese seed beads and shaped glass beads from specialist factories in the Czech Republic. I love combining the different shaped beads from the vast ranges available, and seeing what designs evolve. I often add Swarovski crystals to create flowers and star shape pieces.

Marble Surface

I also hand forge items in sterling silver, creating circles and other minimalist designs. Other materials I use include semi-precious gemstones, copper and coloured wires and even the occasional dragon! The result is lots of unique, colourful and often sparkling pieces! 



jewellery making tools and materials
soldering silver
viking knit technique
Viking weaving in progress

One of my favourite techniques is Viking Knit or Viking Weave. It's based on a very old wirework technique, also known as Trichinopoly Chain and is believed to date back to 8th-10th centuries, when Anglo-Saxon Norse used it for decorative purposes, such as bracelets, necklaces or trimming clothes. Examples have been found in archaeological digs and graves. The end result looks similar to a string of French knitting, but instead the wire is worked around a mandrel or dowel and then pulled through a drawplate to achieve a compact and even finish. I produce a variety of bracelets by using different coloured craft wire, stainless steel,  copper, silver or plated wire. I love to add gemstones and crystals or interweave beads with the wire.

Marble Surface

I am privileged to be a member of the Surrey Guild of Craftsmen - a group of selected craftsmen and designer makers of contemporary and traditional applied arts.


Surrey Guild of Craftsmen
the Reigate Pop Up Shop

If you'd like to choose some jewellery in person, you can find my jewellery at the Reigate Pop Up Shop on Church Street in Reigate:

Marble Surface

All my work is designed and created at my home studio based in Reigate, Surrey, England,

Thank you for visiting my website - I hope you enjoy my work!


I also have a wide range of products available in my Etsy store:



my work room

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